George…Where are you?!

Buddies hanging out in June before Hickman line is removed.

Buddies hanging out in June before Hickman line is removed.

Afterwards....see the wristband?

Afterwards….see the wristband?

Curious George, John’s ever so special stuffed animal is MIA! He was last seen in Michigan and I have been hoping his little brown head would pop up one of these days. He was with us in the sedation room where Mikko told me that he didn’t need him that day (Broke my heart just a little) and I placed him in my purse/bag with his little head sticking out. That’s the last I remember seeing him for sure.

Tonight Mikko was looking for George and I had to break it to him that George was missing. That was a sad conversation. Mikko said, “but George went through cancer with me…20 rounds of radiation”. George has been with him every step of the way. During each radiation treatment when Mikko had to lie with his hands above his head…it was George his hands felt as he was on that table. George was there to give him comfort.

I also got a , “When were you going to tell me George was missing mom?” When his dad told him that Kohl’s has Georges on sale right now and he would get him a new one tomorrow Mikko was not happy….”Do you think you can just go and get me another George?!” Man…  We couldn’t even do the not tell him and give him the new George because his George had a special hospital wristband on that says “Curious George”.

I called the hotel and left a message with housekeeping. That is my first call and then it will be on to the hospital.

Obviously Mikko was traveling with parents that weren’t able to think straight during the Michigan trip! Between the lost medication bag (which was recovered the day after it was lost) and now George…. Each parent was responsible for one of the lost items. I wish I’d been the one that misplaced the medication. 😦

Tomorrow the hunt for George will continue. In between phone calls to try and locate George there will be a trip to Minneapolis for physical therapy (Hmm… could I somehow get one of those hospital wristbands) and 8th grade orientation for Jeffrey. 8th grade?! Crazy how time flies.

Love, Hope and Blessings,


One thought on “George…Where are you?!

  1. Hope you find George! God can cure cancer I think he can help find George..I’ll pray.
    Suppose you could say…”Hopefully some other little boy who needs a George has found him…”??

    Best to you all ~

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