A Little Reminder…


I am given little reminders almost daily with pictures on my Timehop app like this one, how blessed my life is. I sit her typing this post on a crisp Saturday morning, with the sun shining on the back patio with 1 big sized boy sleeping away at the college he dreamed of going to, 1 middle sized boy, who just happens to now be the tallest Gegen in our family, sleeping soundly down the hall, and 1 smaller sized Gegen boy asleep in his bed with his sheets pulled up around his neck like he always does. Oh…and there is the oldest Gegen guy and the 2 black labs tooling around the house this morning as well. What a blessed morning on Jefferson Street…normal, ordinary…perfectly, perfect. My life is blessed!

My life, our lives, could be so much different. We are all here…healthy, happy and with dreams for our futures. We are allowing ourselves to dream and the events of this past week are not going to change that one bit. The outcome of the election compares nothing to the hell our family has had to live, one thankfully most of you will never experience.  We have learned as a family, together we can face anything, that there is always hope. You all have taught us that, even in the times we thought were the darkest and we couldn’t possibly get through, we could and did, with the love and grace of our families, our friends, our community and even strangers. I choose to move forward in life with positivity, gratitude, respect, hope, kindness, and with that good ‘ol lesson from childhood…I’m taking the high road.

The future…I don’t know what the future holds for my family, me, you or your family…none of us can know or can control what tomorrow may bring, however, I can control my actions, my words, the examples I’m setting from my children, my students,  and my friends. I am choosing to live each day like the gift that it is.

Love, Hope and Blessings to you all!