Sleepless on Jefferson Street

This evening I attempted to go to bed at a decent time. Sleep is not my friend these past few weeks and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. Sometimes my lack of sleep is due to the big boys…waiting for Michael to get home by curfew, the kids scrounging around in the kitchen for a late night snack.. Tonight I went to bed and the hall light flicks on and into the room comes Michael needing to ask a question. Question answered he left and then came back a little while later to ask another question. Next in trots Jeffrey and he gets right up and into our bed…talking, talking, talking…about his lacrosse game, his Summer Stretch day for church, talking, talking, talking. Jon was working on kicking us out of the room because he needed to get to sleep (For the record, I wasn’t doing anything. Jeffrey was doing all the talking!)Then Jeffrey asked us if we’d heard about that girl Talia. My stomach sank. Talia is the girl I mentioned in my previous post that died from Neuroblastoma. I asked Jeffrey how he knew about her and he informed me that it was something that he had received in a group message on his phone. (To myself I was wondering why anyone would forward a child passing away from the same cancer John was diagnosed  with to Jeffrey…but then I thought more and I realize it wasn’t meant in a hurtful way and I probably have worked too hard to shield the kids from things they more than likely already know.) At this point Jon really did kick us out of the room.

When Jeffrey and I got into the living room we were able to talk about Talia and the facts that were forwarded about childhood cancer and the lack of funding in the message sent to him. I know Jeffrey now has a better appreciation of why our family is participating in the CureSearch Walk in September. Thank you for the donations that have already been posted to our CureSearch walk page. We have 51 more days to d blow our goal out of the water!! Go Team John!

I realized that I never updated about our weekend. All five of us had great weekends! Jon and I headed to Montgomery to for a wonderful wedding celebration full of good times, great people and a darling couple. Thank you to our friends that let Michael spend the weekend with them. Thank you to Grandma Judy whom kept Jeffrey company and his coaches that hauled him to and from his lacrosse game on Sunday. A third shout out goes to Grandma and Grandpa Prinsen that took John for the entire weekend! He had a great time in Rochester.I think the highlight was riding in Grandpa’s car.


Jeffrey has now fallen asleep on the couch. After I get him to his room I am going to make another attempt at going to sleep. Wish me luck!!

Love, Hope & Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Sleepless on Jefferson Street

  1. In a few years you will wish for these nights back when your kids came into your room to talk. How neat! Sorry for the sleepless nights tho’…that’s a drag!

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