Hawaii Part 2

The boat ride out to the submarine. IMG_1094 Down the Hatch! What do you see? IMG_1076 IMG_1083 I’m going to be honest with you…I was least looking forward to the submarine ride. I hate tight closed spaces and the feeling of being claustrophobic. To my surprise I was very comfortable in the submarine, even down 100ft in the ocean. It was cool and pleasant (Well…there was a brutal case of body odor coming from someone, but besides that…it was awesome!). We were able to see a lot of fish and two sunken ships. We all enjoyed this family adventure. How many people can say that they’ve riden on a submarine? Now we can.

It is about a 1/2 hour drive back to our hotel from Kona. This side of the island is mostly rocky lava fields. Really the only lush green is what the hotels have on their grounds. On the Hilo side of the island where it rains almost daily it is lush and green. Along the main road leading from Kona to our hotel  people have taken coral and have written names or messages with them on the dark lava rock. I talked to the hotel concierge about this and she said she’s lived on the island for 40 years and it has been going on this long. She suggested we go and use rocks from existing word, avoiding any memorial messages written in coral, and write our own. Jon and I decided on this trip back from Kona would be the perfect time to do this. It took some encouraging from my boys to participate. They couldn’t believe we were going to “wreck” someone’s word. As a result of their fear of what, I don’t know…I bet we whipped out the fastest word ever!

Gegen 5 IMG_1100When we were driving down that same road to head to the airport on Tuesday evening John said we should have done one for Great Grandma. What a sweet idea and I was bummed we hadn’t thought of it sooner.

Later that evening we drove back toward Kona to eat at a little restaurant in the Harbor. It was called “Bite Me”. John had his staple of macaroni and cheese while the rest of us had the Sunday broil of fresh crab and shrimp. It was delicious!

IMG_1116 IMG_1119 When we got back to the hotel that night they were preparing for Tropical storm Flossie. The pool and restaurant were both closed and anything that could be was tied down. That night we went to bed early, for us, with one parent in each room.

Monday morning we woke to windy -rainy weather. For a little fun we decided to ride the trolly over to the shopping areas for a little breakfast and something to do. Our snorkeling trip had been cancelled the night before and tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday morning.We hung out there for a while and then walked the short distance back to our hotel. Since the pool was closed we all decided to hand out in the lobby where we could get internet service. It was busy up there and great for people watching. We brought snacks and drinks from our room up to the open lobby and had an enjoyable afternoon. Jeffrey and Michael got the idea that they needed a ukulele and pooled their money together to purchase a “real one”, not a $10 one like I bought John. I kept waiting for the tropical storm, but where we were it never did amount to much. By 9:00 that evening the pool was open once again and we were all in it.

IMG_1125What song are you playing Jeffrey?That night for dinner we went to a restaurant on the beach at a hotel near ours. We had barbecued ribs that were to die for and John actually ate a hamburger that night! I had a drink called Gilligan’s Girl. I had to have just because of it’s name. 🙂

So I’m leaving off with Monday night and the next post will start with our last day on the big island and our trip home.

Other news:

1. I am expecting to hear from Michigan this week as we are supposed to be there next week.

2. I called and spoke with a mom from Minnesota who’s son has just finished his first year of the DFMO trial. We are trying to work a time when we can meet this week. It was great to talk with her on the phone. No one “gets” it like another mother living the same experience. I wished I would’ve called her sooner.

3. Back to the doctor for me on Tuesday about my foot. Hoping for all good news.

4. I plan to take my little helper up to school and start digging around a little.

Lacrosse is officially done and soon we will be moving on to hockey. All 3 boys start some sort of hockey on August 18th. We were in the truck driving to Jeffrey’s end of season lacrosse party and Jon already shared his first hockey tip. I suggested he wait a few more days….give the kid a break from his sports words of wisdom. Jeffrey quickly agreed.

We have all be ridiculously tired! Jon didn’t get up until almost 11 today and the rest of us took a nap at some point in the day. I slept for 3 hours this evening, which is unbelievable to think I was left alone for that long of a time! I hope we all pull it together soon. 🙂

We Keep on Keeping on!

Love, Hope & Blessings,


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