Pounds and Amen!




It has been several days since my last post and much remains the same. We are busy like all of you with work, school, sports and activities. Like usual, the weekends fly by way too fast.

Mikko and Jeffrey both had hockey this weekend. Tonight marked the beginning of hockey try-outs for Jeffrey. I really dislike the stress of try-outs. I know they are something that the kids all go through, but I still dislike them! I am relieved when they are done, the kids finally learn which teams they are on and we can get on with business of playing hockey! Try-outs are 6 days over the next 2 weeks.

Michael had his last weekend of box lacrosse, his friends were over and he worked a little at DQ.

Last Monday was the day to start my “diet”. That morning as I got up and walked in the dark to weigh myself (also in the dark) I had a bad feeling. I had been avoiding this weigh in, but I knew it was going to be an ugly number long before stepping on the scale. My pants have been screaming for help for quite a while. Yep…there I saw a number that reflected all that emotional eating! I’m not going to lie….I ate myself through the last 17 months… putting my weight at it’s all time highest (not counting pregnancy)! I hate it that I let my weight get like this, but now it is time for action! I am trying to eat healthier and not munch all the time. I am drinking more water and for now I haven’t been drinking any pop (Although I did indulge in 2 Miller Lites on Thursday night!). Exercise…I joined the YMCA. (The picture is of Mikko on one of our visits there.) I am limited to what I can do because of my foot but have gotten on the bike and swam laps. I’m also trying, trying, trying to get to bed earlier. Baby steps…

The other picture of Mikko was taken in my classroom. He goes to school with me a few mornings a week. Sometimes he helps me by sharpening pencils, putting out the lunch sticks and other little jobs I can find him. Sometimes he does his homework. He was doing his homework when this picture was taken and it is blurry because I had to do it “really” fast because if he caught me…there wouldn’t be a picture. It is so amazing to me that “here we are…together at school”. Our lives could be so different.

I am so grateful for these days our family has together. Nothing spectacular…just normal days cheering on the Wild on TV, going for bike rides, swimming together, doing homework, running to sports, even the squabbles and time outs too!

Mikko is doing so well! He’s healthy, strong, and full of energy ….and of course a stinker! At the end of our bed routine we say the “I lay me down to sleep” prayer and then I always sing “Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen”. Tonight when I was done Mikko said, “Mom watch”. He then got up on his knees on his bed, stretched his arms towards the ceiling(heaven), tilted his head back, closed his eyes and belted out his own Amens. I’m not sure where he saw this, but he’s got it down! I told you…he’s a stinker. 🙂

I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Hope & Blessings,

One thought on “Pounds and Amen!

  1. Thanks for your update…always nice to read what’s going on.
    You and your family have a good wknd too…as Ron likes to say,
    “Make if a great week”!

    Love to you ~ Kathy

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