Lots of Action…Lots of Blessings

John has been waiting not so patiently to get our Christmas tree decorated. When I called home after school he asked me if we could get some balls on the tree tonight. I promised we could get to it after dinner. When I was changing out of my work clothes I realized that today is the 1 year anniversary of John’s last radiation treatment. When I shared this news with John he seemed genuinely proud and ran to tell his dad. What a perfect way to celebrate! John loves Christmas (He has mentioned a few times lately that he was sick last Christmas.)! He had a bounce in his step…actually dance moves… as he hung ornaments. We had the Rockefeller Center Tree lighting show on the TV and John would take dance breaks during his tree trimming. I have to admit I had a plan for the tree. ..First hang …., then…  I quickly learned my son was in charge and he had a plan and it didn’t include me! He went and got the step stool and my job was to put the hooks on the bulbs and to stay out of the way. The first ornament up was surprising to me. It was the one he had made last Christmas of his school picture with his little bald head. That was one of the two ornaments I was allowed to hang and only because he couldn’t reach. John wanted that ornament at the top of the tree near the star.

At first it became clear John was going to put every ornament on the tree he could get his hands on, I had the plan of “redoing” the tree after he went to bed. As I watched him singing, dancing, and decorating I knew I had to leave it. It doesn’t matter that our tree doesn’t look perfect to someone visiting our house…John loved every minute of this evening and our tree is perfectly perfect for us!

We have been busy with a lot of fun activities. Thanksgiving was the first time in almost 2 years that all five of us have been at my parents house. We had a delicious meal together and later in the afternoon Jon headed towards SW Minnesota for a few days hunting with Jeffrey and Michael. John and I stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I got some shopping in and John and I headed back to Hastings on Friday afternoon. Jon and the boys weren’t far behind us as they cut their trip short. They weren’t seeing much and snow would have been nice. Jon would have liked to take the boys at a later date, but this was the only Saturday without a hockey game until March. Yes, March!

Thanksgiving 2013

John and I had made plans to got to the Shrine Circus on Saturday  thanks to Hope Kids. We had a fabulous afternoon together and John loved the circus. The guy being shot out of the cannon and the motorcycle riders were his favorite activity.

DSC_0278 DSC_0279 DSC_0282

On Sunday John had hockey and he scored his first goals of the season! (

The Gegen guys hockey 2013)

IMG_0058 IMG_0063 IMG_0065

On Monday, Make A Wish sent us to the WIld game! We were in a suite sponsored by Heatly and Cooke…all the hot dogs, mac and cheese, chips and dips, popcorn and pop our tummy’s desired. We were with another  Make A Wish family and we had a blast!

A few weeks ago Michael and John had the opportunity to meet 2 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. They both got a calendar and John was upset it didn’t have the game schedule or the players pictures. Uncle Tim and Jon thought the calendars were great!

IMG_1712 IMG_1711

As you can see we’ve had amazing opportunities and many care free days and lots of quality family time. I count my blessings every day!

Tomorrow John and I will head to Minneapolis in the afternoon for a physical therapy appointment and to see Dr. Rawwas for the monthly blood labs and urine tests. It will give me the chance to talk to Dr. Rawwas  about John’s thinning hair, his November scans and his scans coming up again at the end of January. I am planning for this visit to go well.  🙂

It is time for me to get to bed…no proof reading tonight!

Love, Hope & Blessings,


These two are best friends. Nearly every day I hear John tell Syd (or sing to Syd) that she's a good dog.

These two are best friends. Nearly every day I hear John tell Syd (or sing to Syd) that she’s a good dog.

One thought on “Lots of Action…Lots of Blessings

  1. It is so great to hear that your family is enjoying this healthy holiday time. What a difference 364 days make. I don’t know how you get everything in and done with work, home and 3 hockey schedules!!!! Plus all the wonderful outings you are able to attend. Please know that John and the family are always in my prayers. Hope to see you at the rink for some JV games!!!

    God Bless,
    Sarah Sieh

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