Hustle and Bustle and Blessings Abound!!

Life has been crazy busy with school, hockey, holiday gatherings, and lots of Christmas preparations! This past week the kids all had games. We were at the rink, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! That’s a lot of hockey!! I was able to squeeze in fun and merriment with neighbors, friends, and fellow hockey parents on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! The last week of school before the break is always full of extra excitement.  Just typing all of this makes me exhausted!

I even managed to squeeze in some baking this year and of course the kids have eaten every last cookie and almond bark pretzel. I even hid some in the freezer and they didn’t even last a day! Linda, who happens to make delicious cookies, gave me a platter of delicious treats and Michael got into those as well…but my scream when I saw him munching them scared him away!

We have been enjoying the bliss of everyday life. That doesn’t mean everything is rainbow, glitter and butterflies. 🙂 We experience time outs, attitudes and the occasional grief all parents have the privilege of encountering.Even with those moments….we are all in such an awesome place….healthy and together!

We are living with a 7 year old bursting with Christmas spirit! He’s decorated, sprinkled, and glued to his heart’s content all for the love of everything Christmas. I so wish I was able to tape our conversation when he was setting up the Nativity set. Like always he was full of questions and he demanded quality answers!

A new family tradition this year is our elf on the shelf. This is a little elf that watches over the kids during the day, reports to Santa at night and shows up in a new place in our home to continue his “watch”. Mikko absolutely loves looking for the elf each morning. The past few mornings Mikko has found the elf caused a little trouble during the evening (Thanks to ideas on the internet.). One morning our elf was found in the bathroom sink taking a bath in marshmallows and the next night the marshmallows were strewn all over the bathroom in the elf’s haste to get to our Christmas tree to toilet paper it! Last night….caused giggles this morning. The elf had replaced the boys Christmas stockings with their underwear! I was planning on giving the boys rudolph noses in their sleep tonight with a red washable marker,but then thought better of it. I wasn’t too worried about Mikko and Jeffrey, but I thought Michael could possibly pay me back, even though I think going to hockey practice tomorrow with a red nose would be cute. 🙂 Tomorrow night the elf will leave until next December.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to Christmas with our families this year. Last year Mikko was feeling crummy from his antibody treatment and he stayed home with me while Jon took Michael and Jeffrey to his parents’ homes and we weren’t able to go to Rochester last year either. As a family unit we are in such a different place. Yay!

I love reading family Christmas letters, but I’ve never been one to write them. (Heck, the Christmas cards I ordered haven’t even arrived at our home yet!) However, when I look back on our past year (My parents had John’s Caring Bridge journal entries bound for us and it totaled 4 books. I spent a lot of time reading through 2 of them on Sunday.) ,it is impossible to not be reflective and count my blessings. Yes, it was heartbreaking  difficult at times, but it was also stuffed full of so much love, support, amazing opportunities, and the kindness and generosity of an endless number of people. Jon and I are eternally grateful for each and every one of you and we wish you a Christmas filled with faith, family and friends!

Love, Hope, & Blessings,


Below is a temporary Christmas card until I get ours in the mail.  Enjoy!:)

I had to cut this entry short because my husband just woke up and found me awake in the living room! Sleep….that is going to be my New Year’s resolution!

One thought on “Hustle and Bustle and Blessings Abound!!

  1. You are in such a better place this year and we celebrate with you!
    Merry Christmas to you all! May you hearts be filled with joy and peace
    and contentment. God is good!

    Love to you ~ Kathy & Ron

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