There’ll Be Days Like This…….Somebody should have said!

Urine results: There aren’t any…I had been checking, checking, checking online since John’s last appointment at Children’s for the results of his urine tests…Nada. I finally called this week and our nurse was very apologetic as the orders were made, but the lab didn’t do them. I was ok since I knew urine did get sent to Michigan as required by the study and before you know it we’ll be back at Children’s at the end of March for John’s next visit. I did share with here my frustration and understanding (being this is a new clinical trial) that no one in the lab seems to know what to draw each time we come and what to do with the pee (Of course I tell them!). Jon told me one time he didn’t even want to hand the pee over to the lab tech because he was worried it wasn’t going to end up where it needed to be.

It was a rough day to be “Shelly Gegen – Mom”. UGH! It started first thing this morning with Jeffrey. He started laying the ground work last night that he was “sick”. (And not fakeritious sick like Michael can be. Really sick with a sore throat and trouble breathing….so says Jeffrey. The breathing is already thrown in there for good measure.) Alarm went off. I went in. I’m told he’s sick…throat…breathing. If I send him to school he makes his eyes as sad and droopy as he can (And he can make them droopy!) and before you know it the school nurse calls me. Jeffrey stayed home.

I then walked into John’s room, rubbed his back and asked him how he was and he smiled at me so sweet. I then told him there was a change in plans. He wouldn’t be going with me to school, but his dad was going to get him ready. There’s no other way to say it, but the shit hit the fan. He was enraged! Never ever is he like this….bawling…screaming… tearing his bed apart….chucking things around and not just for a little bit. I have no idea why this was going on. Was it the unexpected change in his schedule? I always go over what the next day is going to look like at bed time. (You’re having home/school lunch. You’re going with mom/dad You are riding the bus home.). I told Jon he was going nuts! Sick Jeffrey had to come out of his bedroom to see what all the commotion was about. It was ugly and sad because it was so uncharacteristic of him! He had a lot of words for us as well. I think staying up to watch the Wild/Rangers hockey game had been a BAD idea!

Thankfully I got out of the house and to school. When John arrived he was all smiles and he was testing my temperament towards him throughout the day. I would get a poke in the side when he would see me in the hall. I knew he was feeling remorseful because he usually ignores me at school!

When I got home from work he was busy, busy, busy picking up everything that had been tossed, making his bed and organizing his room…all on his own. He knew he was wrong this morning. So sweet.

Then 5 minutes later “it” hit the fan again! Jeffrey and Jon..short story they both got sent to their penalty boxes (bedrooms). Little one knowing he better zip his lips. Medium one flapping his. UGH!

Two of them are mad at me. Let’s make it 3!

When you are pregnant and expecting a baby you read, read, read everything you can get your hands on so you can take care of that new life. I read and reread What to Expect When you are Expecting, THe Mayo Clinic Book of Childbirth and the First Year, From Birth to Age 5. Jon would tease me and say, “What does the book say?”. That baby arrives and there was a time when just the sight of me would light up his eyes and put a smile on his face. The sight of me at daycare would send him running with open arms to greet me with a hug. Then before you know it, that baby is a teenager and he’s not so excited by you anymore.

Shelly? Shouldn’t you have read some books? Read some articles? Researched who the heck you would be living with?! I just want my teenagers to know I love you guys more than anything. There are times when I need to say no and you’re not going to like it. If my mama senses are telling me no, it’s no. I can live with you being mad at me, disliking me, even hating me for a little while. I know you’ll come around. No is my job, my responsibility. I don’t care if I’m the meanest, strictest mom with the shortest leash or if everyone else is doing it. It’s not my job to be your friend, although I look forward to when our relationships can switch to that gear when you are grown men. My job with your dad, it to raise all of you the best we can to be kind, caring, grace filled men that are ready to make a positive impact on world. I know that last sentence is laugh worthy from you guys. I just want what’s best for you. Oh and….I make mistakes too. This is all new for me, but you can know that no matter the conversation, disagreement or argument….I’ll always love you.

Yep…all 3 tonight were less than thrilled with me. Rough start to our spring break for this mom!

It should be looking up soon. Jeffrey has a hockey game tomorrow morning and if they win, they play for the championship on Sunday. Then his hockey season is over and he’s on to Box Lacrosse.

We have a spring break planned to Chicago via Amtrack train. More on that later.

Happy Weekend!

Love, Hope and Blessings,

PS Jeffrey made a miraculous recovery!

PS PS The good news..I didn’t eat my way through the stress…probably because I was too exhausted to get my butt up off the couch. 🙂

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