Good morning!   We didn’t get the final report on the CT scan until this morning and both scans are clear!! Yay!!

Yesterday I decided to look at the screen for the MIBG bone scan and afterwards I was able to text Jon that to my untrained eyes, it looked clear. (Jon is always with us, but never in the room while John is being scanned. This is the system we’ve worked out.). I left that scan feeling confident.


CT was our next stop and that went quickly (I can’t see anything during this scan.) and we headed off to meet up with Jon for a snack because my kid was STARVING (His word.). On the way there he informed me that he cheated on his hearing test that had taken place the day before. The results showed improved hearing in low frequencies and the same level of hearing loss at high frequencies. When I inquired how he “cheated” he shared that if he couldn’t tell for sure if he heard a beep the audiologist seemed to look at him at that point and he would just raise his hand. This was a new audiologist to John and we both liked her a lot. I tried to explain to John that his results for hearing may not be accurate and he could have cared less. He will be tested again in 3 months and I will suggest they spin his chair around so he is looking at the wall and NOT the audiologist! The audiologist did tell me where his current hearing is at he qualifies for DAHH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) services at school if we wished to have him monitored that way. This was surprising for me to hear that as his results were some better (although maybe not rightly so, but she didn’t know that) then last time. If his hearing ever becomes an issue at school or for his learning Jon and I will have no problem seeking that help, but for now we both feel they aren’t needed.

He "looks" like trouble!

He “looks” like trouble!

Did you really hear the beep?

Did you really hear the beep?


Lunch was over by the time we hit the cafeteria so John snacked on pretzels, Oreo cookies, watermelon and cantaloupe….talking the entire time!

Next stop was the clinic for results. I shared John’s cheating hearing test scandal as they discussed those results with us. The doctor and Cindy thought he was very clever. We learned right away that the MIBG scan was clear and that the CT hadn’t been read yet. I was very proud of myself when they asked me if it would be ok if they called me with the results and I calmly said yes AND I actually felt ok with that. I’m not sure where the confidence came from, but I really did feel good about everything. Usually I am talking myself out of physically getting sick while waiting for the results.

On Wednesday John visited the Star Studio at the hospital and gave Dude the money he raised at our garage sale and selling beverages. John loves seeing the Dude. 🙂  

Star Studio Rocks!

Star Studio Rocks!

Thank you once again for the prayers and love. Your support continues to carry our family along on this journey and we are so blessed by each and everyone of you! Thank you for giving us strength to keep on keeping on!

(12 weeks until the next set of scans)

Love, Hope and Blessings,

Shelly and the guys

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