Clear Scans!

John faced the past two days with a casualness and calm that I am in total envy of. We rejoice with the news that his scans are all good once again. Dr. Raawas informed us that following COG (Children’s Oncology Group) recommendations, that John will next be seen in 6 months for scans and a physical. After that it will just by bi-yearly urine tests that test for cancer markers. He reassured us that if we ever have concerns that we can bring John in, they can do urine tests, Children’s is there for us. It was hugs all around as we left today…and a few tears.

While talking to my parents this evening they asked me, based on my last post, if going into scans this time was extra difficult. I told them no, those feelings are there every single time as we head into scans.(These feelings seem pretty mutual among the other cancer parents I know as well.) I just put it out there for everyone to see this time.  I worry when I do put “it” all out there because I don’t want to upset anyone, but those feelings are my reality.

Our plan had been to get through scans and hit the road for Madison to visit Michael, watch him play a little lacrosse, to celebrate good news. Well….when we got home on Thursday from Children’s John had pink cheeks, a runny nose and a cough. Not so perfect timing with scans. We decided we would not leave on Friday like we originally planned, but to wait and see how John was this morning. He seemed much better and he did have an exam that day, but no throat culture as his throat looked ok.  We now were planning on leaving Saturday morning. Around 7 tonight John came up to me and told me he had a headache. He never has a headache so I decided we better run in for a strep test. We had to go to Woodbury and he tested positive right away. There is a much longer version of this story here, but the doctor and I were not seeing eye to eye on what kind of medicine……and too bad for him I hadn’t eaten a thing since 11AM and I had found my “voice” for advocating for my son a long time ago. When we finally left and we were walking out John told me that he didn’t think the doctor liked me. My response, “Ya, well….you don’t mess with John Gegen’s mother and if this isn’t the right prescription when I get to the pharmacy, we’re calling and getting the one I asked for.” It wasn’t the correct one. I went home with what I had requested, with what has worked for John the past two times after first having to go through 10 days of a drug that didn’t work for him.

So we are not going to Madison. John was heartbroken and angry. I was/am bummed and while part of me wants to just pack up and go anyway, I know that’s not the right thing to do. While it is disappointing, I know we have so much about today to be thankful for and we will plan a different weekend for our visit.

This week has been exhausting and I can’t wait to climb into bed! Thank you again for all your support, prayers and kind words. Team John has always Rocked!

The Gegens will keep on keeping on…taking one day at a time….and try to look forward with hope and not in our past at our fears (Wish me luck with the last one! 😉 )

With my heart full of GRATITUDE…Love, Hope and Blessings,


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