Ordinary Days = Extraordinary Life

Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted! Part of the reason is that most of my previous writing took place in the wee hours of the night. This worked best for me as the house was quiet and it was an ideal time for me to reflect and piece my thoughts together. The fact that I couldn’t sleep also contributed to my burning the midnight oil as I wrote. Now, I’m going to bed at a much more healthier time (still room for improvement there) and during the waking hours our home is full of boisterous boys and all that comes with that. Is that awesome or what?!

This morning the house is quiet. Michael is away at college, Jon and Jeffrey took off for a weekend of duck hunting, and John is  asleep in his bed. So I write…

Last night Hastings High School participated in a Tackle Cancer Event (Big thank you to Angie McLay and her family for organizing this!). Pre game, children in our community were honored and John was one of them. Man…there I sat trying to keep it together. Seeing John on the field so healthy, confident…loving every minute of the night fills me with such gratitude. Gratitude for his health, my family, our community…for each and every day. Every single ordinary, blessed day!

John Jospeh is rocking life! He played hockey and lacrosse this summer, is loving 5th grade (The best part of his mom’s work days is seeing him in the halls!), is playing hockey again this fall and he just celebrated his 11th birthday! This October he will be 5 years out of treatment and will have his last appointment with Dr. Rawwas and will then move on to the STAR Clinic.   – STAR Clinic (surveillance and testing after recovery) – The STAR Clinic team helps patients along their survivorship journey after the recovery and wellness phase is completed. This includes yearly clinic visits, nutrition and exercise plans, and well-care education to ensure patients are equipped to embrace life after cancer therapy. –   This will be a great day, but also a sad one because John’s care with Dr. Rawwas will be complete. (There goes my grateful heart again.) Dr. Rawwas has said he will stop in and say hi during John’s annual visits. I’m holding him to that!

Our summer was great from my mom’s perspective. All the boys were home, Jon and I were able to wrangle everyone on a road trip out west with our friends, we were able to spend time at my parent’s cabin in Spooner, and we spent time boating on the river. I loved every minute of our summer!

Big guys update:

Michael is in his junior year at UW-Madison. He has moved into a different house and has settled back into his life at college. (I think that didn’t take him too long!) I believe he has declared his majors as Finance and Economics. (I loved having him home this summer!)

Jeffrey: Senior year!! I know this will go by so fast! Jeffrey was a life guard at the pool this summer. This was a great job for him and John enjoyed going swimming there when Jeffrey was working.  Jeffrey has caught the hunting bug, so now I have 2 of them to deal with at home. I wish Rylee luck with surviving Jeffrey’s hunting talk this fall!

Dad and Mom – Blessed! We both have jobs and colleagues we enjoy, our boys are happy and healthy, and we still enjoy spending time together (Most Days – Ha!).

Ordinary days = Extraordinary Life for the Gegen5

Love, Hope,  & Blessings… each and every day!




2 thoughts on “Ordinary Days = Extraordinary Life

  1. I’m SO glad that life is going well for John, you and the rest of your family! God is good, isn’t he? May God continue to bless all of you.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes remembering all John and your family went through, and how God walked beside you all the way and the miracle of returned health to your little guy. Hard to believe it was 5 years ago already. Thanks, Shelly, for the update. So happy for you and your family that you are enjoying celebrating life and your family and the gratitude you are giving to our Lord and Savior. God bless your lives now and in the future.

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