Lovin’ July


July is off to an awesome start! Lots of action and good times! Our lives are blissfully normal with our extraordinary little 6-year-old boy leading us every step of the way. There are still moments that I get tears in my eyes or look at John in awe…I just can’t believe how far he’s come, how healthy he is, how great he looks! I’m loving each and every day of this summer. Now don’t get me wrong…there are still plenty of time outs, pulling kids apart, kids pushing “it”, but I’ll take those moments too!

With Jon and Michael working this week, I took the other 2 boys and headed to Grandma and Grandpa Prinsen’s cabin near Spooner. This would be our first trip back since the summer of 2011. We were all so excited to go. The boys ran Grandpa nonstop from the minute we got out of the truck until we packed up and left (fishing, boating, swimming, more fishing, tubing, more fishing). The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a little summer fun at the cabin!

We packed up and headed back home yesterday, late morning. The 4th of July! When we got home Jeffrey needed a break from his little brother, but Jon, John and I headed over to Uncle Tim’s friends, Dale and Renee’s and enjoyed their wonderful backyard. John loved their pool and swimming with Uncle Tim! We then ran home and got Jeffrey, dined on the outside patio at Muddy Waters in Prescott, went to Dairy Queen and embarrassed Michael (We didn’t try to!), headed to the Hastings Country Club for their fabulous fireworks display and then back home for our own little one. (Watching Jeffrey light harmless fireworks was enough to put me over the edge!) We all had a blast! When Michael got home from work I told him I was a little sad because it was our first fireworks that we weren’t together. My sweet 16 year old’s response, “The first of many….”. So I got over that fast!

There were only 2 little bumps in the evening. John had tripped on the walking path and fell HARD, but he recovered fast from that little incident. The other bump was that I had purchased those paper lanterns that you light and can send up into the sky. When we were looking at them, I thought they were a great idea. They are called wishing lanterns. I told John we would light them, send them up and wish for continued healthy days, but then I read all the warnings on the package and Jon asked me how I wasn’t going to start a fire….  Since I didn’t want to be responsible for burning Hastings down…we didn’t do them and of course I bought 5, one of each of us. When I tucked John into bed last night I told him we could take one to Hawaii and maybe we could find a long dock, far away from any fire hazards and send our wish up and over the ocean. We’ll see.

19 Days until Hawaii!!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

Love, Hope & Blessings,


5 thoughts on “Lovin’ July

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