Make A Wish Send Off Party

This evening we headed up to The Mall of America for John’s Make A Wish trip to Hawaii. We were anxious to learn where we would be staying and the activities we would be doing. Of course we were the last ones in our group to get to get to the Microsoft Store (Dang it!). Family members, friends and John’s Make A Wish volunteers, Julie and Rachel, were waiting for us. We were taken to the back area of the store where there are tables set up. This is where we had our Toppers Pizza (This is a Gegen family favorite. We discovered Toppers during John’s very first hospital stay as they deliver to Children’s Hospital.), drinks and ocean themed cupcakes. After we ate we could check the store out, play games and they even had a scavenger hunt that a few people did.

John spent a good deal of time playing National Geographic on the xbox Kinect. This was his first time playing with a Kinect system and he loved it. We had a difficult time pulling him away from it and his was very sweaty from all the jumping and arm movements he was doing. While John was playing the games, Jon and I were shown our folder for John’s trip! (More on that later.)

Towards the end of our evening Rachel from Make A Wish gave John some gifts. He got a gift bag of activities to keep him busy on the plain and a bucket of beach a pool toys. Perfectly perfect for his adventure!

Then Gigi from Microsoft presented John with gifts as well. He was so into the Kinect game he was playing on the theater size screen it was challenging to get his attention. John received his very own Kinect system for his Xbox! It came with a game in the box, another sports game and then John was allowed to go and pick any 2 games he wanted in the store! A dream come true for a little boy. It was quite the special evening for John. Thank you to Make A Wish and Microsoft for planning our evening, being so kind, and for all the generous gifts. Thank you also to our family and friends for making the trip up to the mall and sharing in this evening with us.

John’s Trip Details!

OnWednesday, July 24th our family will be picked up by Total Luxury Limousine at 9:00 am and taken to the airport.  We will fly from Minneapolis to Denver, Denver to LA and then arriving at Kona at 7:56 pm, Hawaii time. We will then grab a rental mini van and drive the 18 miles to our accommodations at Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.

Make A Wish has planned 2 awesome activities for our family. We have also been given money for meals, expenses and other activities we may wish to plan on our own. This is what we know as of right now:

Thursday, July 25th: On our own

Friday, July 26th: Hawaii Forest & Trail:Kilauea Volcano Adventure  – I’m a little worried about my foot for this one, but I’ll manage. 🙂 It is an 11 – 12 hour adventure!

Saturday, July 27th: On our own  We have already decided that we would like to do the sunset luau at our hotel on this day.

Sunday, July 28th: Submarines!

Monday, July 29th: On our own

Tuesday, July 30th: Departure Day   Leave Kona @ 9:52 pm  Kona to LA, La to Denver, Denver to Minneapolis arriving @ 4:10pm with a limo ride back home!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited we all are! When we got home this evening we were all doing our own research on Kona and what other activities we would like to do. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. 🙂

I need to get to bed. A late evening nap has kept me up even later than normal!

I hope you have a marvelous weekend. We plan on checking out the Hastings Rivertown Days Festivities this weekend. Go, Go, Go!

Love, Hope & Blessings,


3 thoughts on “Make A Wish Send Off Party

  1. Your trip sounds fabulous! Enjoy and have a wonderful time…hope your foot doesn’t impede you too much.

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