Hastings Rivertown Days

This weekend our family enjoyed the Rivertown Days festivities. Michael and his friends headed down on Friday evening to ride a few rides and munch on food. Jeffrey headed down with his buddies on Saturday afternoon and they did the same.

Jon, John, Judy and I headed down on Saturday evening. John loves the giant slide and because of my foot his dad got the fun job of going down it with him 4 times!

20130721-211616.jpg20130721-211609.jpg Our troubles began after the first slide ride. John spotted someone walking around with a giant green inflatable alien. It must have been almost five feet tall. The kid wanted the alien! We distracted him for a while by heading over to the area with the food and the band. We all got our snacks and then it was back to the midway to find the game and attempt to win the alien. The game was the ball toss game where you try to toss your ball into a cup with a red, yellow or blue rim. To win the alien you needed 3 yellows. The odds were not in our favor. I left this task to Jon and stood back for awesome people watching. $15 later and an alien still wasn’t won. Dad called it quits. This did not go over well with John and he was so desperate to win the alien, he couldn’t even concentrate to pick out the prize (from the second row) that he’d won. I picked it out and then we were heading to the car with one ticked off kid.

20130721-211529.jpgWould you payed $15 for this? By the way….this is not the alien John wanted. This is a much smaller inflatable thing he would never have chosen. I know this…because he told me so!

We were also able to catch the great Rivertown Days firework show close to our house.

On Sunday we headed downtown to watch the parade. We were able to sit by our friends and the kids had a great time. The weather was pleasant, the parade great, and the candy was plentiful!


Just a while ago we headed over to Grandma Judy’s to borrow some of her luggage for our trip. Wednesday can’t come soon enough!!

I hope you head a great weekend too!

Love, Hope, & Blessings,


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