Hawaii was AWESOME! Make A Wish ROCKS! Part 1

IMG_1186 IMG_1182(If you click on the pictures they enlarge.)

Make A Wish not only granted John an unforgettable, amazing wish…our entire family experienced the trip of a life time…really a dream come true, thanks to Make A Wish and all that hard work John had to go through. Words and pictures will not do our vacation justice. Every time I share details with someone about our Hawaii trip I get all teary-eyed. I am just so deeply thankful for the wonderful life time memories that we were able to make. John was happy, healthy and loving every minute of trip. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I believe I’ve shared details up to Friday when we went on the Volcano day tour. We were beat that night when we got home, went swimming, ate a quick dinner and headed off to bed.

On Saturday we decided to stay near the hotel. We hit the pool early and hung out there for several hours. John would never get out of the pool if I didn’t make him! He’s turned into quite the swimmer during this trip. Full of confidence and no fear…that can stress a mother out! The kid loves to swim! One evening when I was trying to persuade him out of the pool he said to me, “After all I’ve went through to get our family here, you’re not going to let me swim?!” No fair John! We continued to swim!


We decided to go for a drive and look at the scenery in the afternoon. Michael and Jeffrey passed as they had enough scenery the day before. It really worked out well because John fell asleep and had a good hour nap. When we got back it was time to get ready for the luau. Everyone was hungry and ready for a good time!

It is quite the show they put on at The Marriott Waikoloa! We all really enjoyed the evening. The weather was beautiful (No bugs!), there were games for John to play, the company and food were awesome. John spent the entire show right up front with his iPod, snapping away at photos and even taking videos. When we were done he said to me, “I’m so glad we did this!”. His photo count for the trip was now into the 200s!

IMG_1015 IMG_1031 IMG_1038 IMG_0160 IMG_1027

IMG_0184IMG_0234IMG_0162IMG_1049We went back to our rooms stuffed and tired. I think this is the one night he didn’t hit the pool up again for a swim!

Early Sunday morning John and I headed down to the beach to look for shells. When we got down there I noticed that the ocean was unusually calm as the wind hadn’t picked up yet. I quickly called up to the rooms and told the big guys to get down to the beach if they wanted to paddle board. This was something they had been talking about, but it had always been really choppy on the water. Down they came and out they went with a guide! Now I thought they would rent the boards and paddle around close to the beach…you know…mess around on them. Nope! The guide instructed them on how to handle and ride the boards and they were off! (With the guide). At one point they were so far out they were all just spots to me! They all enjoyed themselves, got up and close to a large sea turtle and returned to the beach tired, but safe! Jeffrey really loved this activity!


Do you see them?!

T Do you see them?!

They are w-a-y out there! This almost did me in!

Back safe!

Back safe!

Once the guys made it safely to shore we had to run like heck back to the hotel to get ready for our next adventure…The Submarine ride. We made it to Kona and the submarine in time. I will start with the sub ride on my next post. I need to get to bed as my alarm is set at 5:30 for the morning. Jeffrey’s team is playing in the state lacrosse tournament and we need to be at Chanhassen High School by 7:15. They are playing 2, possibly 3 games tomorrow. We also have a very special Miracles of Mitch event in the morning tomorrow that John is participating in. We will be running back and forth while the big guys are at lacrosse. Lots of activity….lots of fun…lots of blessings!

Love, Hope & Blessings,


Huge hugs of thanks for all the donations to the CureSearch walk!!

2 thoughts on “Hawaii was AWESOME! Make A Wish ROCKS! Part 1

  1. Sounds like a wonderful, awesome event…no cares, no worries…just enjoy!
    So happy for you all…Shell you looked awesome–like the Shell pre-neuroblast!

    How wonderful for organizations or people who dream up “Make A Wish” to
    bring joy and to make “dreams” come true…hard to put my mind around how planned out and covered (only word I can think of to describe your experience), they made it for you all.

    How great is our God!

    Blessings ~ Kathy

  2. Dear Gegen Family – I am so glad that you are having a good time. I was worried you wouldn’t make your flight. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and hope to connect with you when you get home!

    Make-A-Wish Minnesota

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