Trouble Posting & Tropical Storm Flossie

Aloha! I’ve been attempting to upload our pictures so you could see all the fabulous fun we’ve been having with zippo luck. I give up for tonight and I hope to have better success tomorrow.

BUT Tropical Storm Flossie is expected to make her debut around 2 this morning. There has been a lot of talk and info slipped under our doors from the hotel staff. The pool is closed until further notice, lounge chairs are stacked, umbrellas tied shut.  What this all means for us is that we will probably be in the hotel all day tomorrow. Our snorkeling/dolphin excursion has been cancelled and rescheduled for Tuesday. If we can go, we can.

i have much more to share once technology is on my side…. It may be after we get home! We are all having the trip of a life time. Hawaii is beautifully breathtaking, relaxing, and loads of fun. This Make A Wish trip has been such a gift to us all.

I’ve been bumped off this way too many times as I’ve attempted to post. I’m out of here….up to bed.

Love, Hope & Blessings,


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