You’re not our George….Yet

20130826-230100.jpgDear Curious George the 2nd,

I don’t know what to think of you just yet. When I went to get the mail late this evening I wasn’t expecting you to be squished in a bag waiting for one of the Gegens to discover you….but there you were. I was thankful Mikko was asleep when I let you out so I could assess the situation with out his eagle eye watching over me.

Honestly George I’m just not all that into you yet. Maybe you’ll grow on me…right now you are too shiny and new… too “bright”…. too fluffy. And what’s up with your eyes? They look like patches! George’s eyes were plastic and they hurt, when for some reason or another, George was smashed against our hands or head. Your right foot looks irregular to me. I can tell by looking at you that you have no idea what a hard knock life looks like. You look a little too “soft” for the situation you’ve been mailed into.

Maybe you’ll grow on us, but little Dude, you have some mighty big shoes to fill. Number one George was there for our darkest days. He was with Mikko during every hospital stay, scan and bone marrow biopsy. He went to Minneapolis Children’s hospital, Amplatz Children’s Hospital and Helen DeVos Children’s hospital. Mikko took him up on to the table for all 20 radiation treatments. While his hands were above his head, George was just close enough so he could touch him. Ginormous shoes to fill!

Now I realize you’ve probably have some concerns of your own. How could a family lose something so special…right? all honesty it’s no secret I can be a little disorganized or scattered, but I swear George must have jumped out of my bag. Last time I saw him just his precious brown head and black shiny plastic eyes was peaking out of it. Maybe he was needed more somewhere else. Maybe his work with Mikko was done. Maybe he’ll still show up.

Time…we need time for all of us to get comfortable with one another. I’m sure you heard Michael and Jeffrey’s opinion of you tonight. They really are nice boys….Time…we’ll give you time to show us what you are made of and what you’ve “got”. I’m sure there is a reason you’ve come to our family…it just may take a while for us all to figure it out.

I’m going to put you away tonight and when I get home from work tomorrow I’ll present you to Mikko. Give him time and don’t be discourage by his reaction. He loved #1 George like crazy, but I’m sure it won’t be long until he’s swinging you by the arm and pile driving you into the carpet.

Love, Hope and Blessings,


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