Breaking News…….George has been found!!



20130828-235942.jpgYes! George has been found…more on that in a minute. The above pictures are of Mikko and George the 2nd. He was pretty excited last night when I told him George from Amazon was in my closet. He ran on his tippy toes (which he’s not supposed to be doing) and came skipping back. He threw him around a bit and then on closer inspection he remarked, “He’s different. His forehead’s too big and his ears are small.” Yes, yes and yes. I suggested we pinch his head a little because it was flatter than George’s. I squished him the best I could between my knees. That didn’t help much. “You got me this one just so I’d forget about George.”, he grumbled. No..but I suggested he may grow on him. George the 2nd then took a few punches to the head, which I took as a good sign. When I asked if #2 was going with us on the RV trip I got a yes. I took this as another good sign.

Then today at school my friend asked me if there was any news on George and if Id made any more calls. I hadn’t…it has been crazy busy getting ready for open house and the start of school. I’ve had good intentions. Today I made a few more calls to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. I just keep leaving messages. Then tonight after open house I decided to try and figure out again where we stayed that last night in the Upper peninsula of Michigan. I called and did my standard, “Did anyone in house keeping happen to find a stuffed Curious George?” with little hope of finding George. The woman on the other end didn’t miss a beat, “Why yes we do have George. Hold on a minute why I go get him.” I could barely keep it together why I waited. “We have him and he has a green wrist band on.”….  Me: “George! You really have George! Do you know how special he is…boo hoo… blab blab….boo hoo.   George will be in the mail tomorrow! Every Gegen was THRILLED!! (OK…maybe not Michael so much, but he was happy for Mikko. Now Jeffrey….he jumped up and down on the couch…) What a great end to my day! 🙂

Tomorrow I have work for 1/2 a day. Then I need to zip home and grab Mikko (while I’m doing that Jon and Michael are going to get the RV right here in Hastings!) head up to Children’s for his day 15 of DFMO lab tests, zip back home, stuff our stuff in the RV and head to Walker.

I’ve been waiting for this and tonight it happened:

Comments by Michael in no particular order:

*I don’t support this trip at all.

*It is my last weekend of summer.

*Let me stay home.

*Can I stay home?

*Come on Mom, in 14 months I’ll be applying for colleges…I can stay home by myself.

*Can I go up on Saturday?

*I don’t want to go at all!

*Hawaii was for family bonding. The RV is just a RV.

*I’m not going.

For the record he’s going (Help me!). It won’t be so bad…we are camping in Sam’s backyard in Walker. If the going gets tough in the RV…look for me in Sam’s beautiful log home. All five of us plus the black lab in an RV. I can already hear Michael complaining about the dog’s stinky breath. Can I drink beer in the RV while John’s driving? Is that legal? It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fun. I can do this!

Wish me Luck!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


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