Bike Riding 2 days until the CureSearch Walk!!


First bike ride since the fall of 2011?! Really?! How does that happen? We put the bike up and away during treatment and those low platelet counts. Mikko has felt great all summer, but the bike still stayed put. He was busy swimming…and I put it off because I wasn’t going to be able to run alongside him as he became reacquainted with bike riding. Well you know the saying, “It’s like riding a bike…”. Jon got Mikko’s bike out, chicken mom went in the house, and off Mikko went a little wobbly at first and then he got the hang of it. When I emerged from the house Mikko asked me, “Do you want to see a trick mom?”. No thank you! We made it back into the house safely.(Well, I did accidentally peg him in the back of the head with a ball when I was attempting to throw him out in a one on one game of kickball, but he shook that off.)

First day of school for Michael  (Junior) & Jeffrey (8th) grade.

First day of school for Michael (Junior) & Jeffrey (8th) grade.

Saturday will be here before we know it and that is the day of the CureSearch Walk. I am so thankful for the donations that Team John has received! We are now right at the $2,000 mark. I think a great amount for our first year of fundraising for this foundation.

When I walk on Saturday I will of course be thinking of my warrior son and all he has endured. I will also be thinking of the children we know from the 7th floor of Children’s Minneapolis that continue their fights against childhood cancer (Sienna, Alannah , Braden and Emma to name a few), and those that are now angels (Brady, Kayleen, Jane). And Christopher…Christopher passed away this morning from relapsed Neuroblastoma. (Remember when we were in Michigan, Christopher and his family were in Michigan ….)

When I learned about Christopher this afternoon a heaviness washed over me and my anger and disgust with this horrible, relentless disease…kind of kicked my ass for the rest of the day. It’s that uncomfortable line we cancer parents walk. Feeling horrible for this family that has fought and fought and fought for years…..Feelings of fear, “That could be my son.”….Feelings of guilt that our almost 7 year old is doing so well  and other children are being taken(I know this sounds stupid, but I really think other cancer parents will “get” that comment.) With each innocent child lost to cancer, it is a reminder, almost as stunning or surprising as a slap in the face, that lives can change in an instant.

2 more days until the CureSearch walk. There’s still time to make donations…. to help kids have a fighting chance. (After Saturday you will get a long break from my saying, donate, donate, donate!)

Love, Hope and Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Bike Riding 2 days until the CureSearch Walk!!

  1. I was so very sorry to hear about Christopher. I’d been following his Caring Bridge site for many months, I think you had put the link in one of your posts and I started following him too. Wow, has his mom been an amazing warrior on his behalf – as have you! I can’t even begin to imagine how both she and you have gone through all that has happened to your sons. I appreciate your willingness to share your journeys – including the brutal honesty, pain and humor all with grace and eloquence NGUNGI

    • Thanks for your kind comments Pam. I just can’t even imagine the pain Kristen and Cj are experiencing. Christopher had been NED….Neuroblastoma is a horrible horrible cancer! Thank you, Thank you for all your support!

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