1st Day of 1st Grade…..4 days until the CureSearch Walk!!


The first day of first grade! What a wonderful milestone for our guy! Mikko was so excited about school and he even went to bed at a reasonable time last night! This picture is of the two of us after Jon dropped Mikko off at school this morning. We are right across the hall from each other. How cool is that?! I was informed at bedtime last night that I am allowed to kiss him and hug him only on the first and last days of school. That will be tough, but I agreed to it!

The fact that we are here living in this “normalcy” of school and life is totally amazing to us. Last year at this time we were preparing Mikko for his stem cell transplant. Last year at this time we didn’t know if he would ever go to school during kindergarten. Last year at this time I was scared to death we were going to lose him to stupid stage IV neuroblastoma.

Now we are here and there is always that underlying fear of the what-ifs that will be with me forever. The fear that makes me want to raise awareness for childhood cancer, for funding, for treatments, for research. The fear that makes me continue to point you in the direction of my CureSearch walk page. Only 4 more days until the walk! Fear from what I learn about other children with stage IV high risk neuroblastoma and their horrible struggle with relapse and others that have lost their battles.

Below is a link on a little girl that I have followed for quite a while. It was difficult for me to watch…to hear the words said aloud that I already know, but this is the ugly truth about this horrible, horrible cancer!


Mikko is currently on a clinical trial, DFMO, in hopes of preventing relapse.


In other news: George is home! Mikko was happy to see him in the mail!

Looking Good George!

Looking Good George!

George the 2nd is on the left.

Looking at John you can almost forget the hell he's been through. Here's George after John's first radiation treatment. What a loyal and faithful friend.

This was John in Nov. of 2012.Looking at John now, you can almost forget the hell he’s been through. Here’s George after John’s first radiation treatment. What a loyal and faithful friend. We are so grateful you found your way home!

In other new #2: In the poorest possible parenting move ever……Jon, Mikko and Jeffrey are on their way to the Target Center tonight for the WWE event. First day of school was today for Mikko…tomorrow is Jeffrey’s first day. Who does that? I guess us. What does it say about me that I’m a little jealous that I decided not to go? It is our family’s dirty little secret. Shh! My knowledge in everything WWE did impress a first grader today. I noticed his WWE backpack and I had quite the conversation with him. I think he walked away a little stunned.

With the guys away, I’m heading up to school to do a little more organizing.

Oh! The RV trip was a success. We had a good time and now I’m rid of the guilt that would have burdened me had we not went. Mikko did inform me that next time we go in an RV it needs to be like the ones he sees on that tv show (Celebrity RVs). I informed him the next time he goes will be when he is a grown-up and takes his own family. I’m sticking to Sam’s house and my parent’s cabin!

Michael survived. We didn’t see much of him until the afternoon on all the days except the last. Monday morning at about 9:00 the RV door swung open and there he was. “I’m ready! Let’s go!”….he was read to head home.

Happy first week of school to all!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


One thought on “1st Day of 1st Grade…..4 days until the CureSearch Walk!!

  1. Mikko’s smile is priceless…I love it and can see that it would melt any heart!
    Thank you, Lord, that Mikko is at this place at this time. Continue to grace and
    strengthen him for the journey of life.

    Grace and peace ~ Kathy

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