Flag Bearer at the Minnesota Wild Game

What a night! Thank you to Hope Kids and The Minnesota Wild for making yet another memorable night for our family.

It was a race home from school and work to get out the door and up to the Excel Energy Center to get there in time for practice. When we did get there we were met by Rachel from the Wild and several other people from the Wild. They took us down to the ice where we put on John’ s skates for a few practice runs. Splat! Down went John, but he shook it off and took another practice run. He was given instructions and then we had time to walk around before reporting back down to the locker room at 6:30.

John was introduced from the player’s bench and then he went back into the locker room to wait for the time to go out and skate the Wild flag. I left him there and went to wait for him where he would skate off the ice. Jon and Jeffrey were in their seats on the glass. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t get closer for better pictures, but we should be able to get pictures through the Wild. It was wonderful to watch John on the ice. He looked so little! He skated around one net and then up and to center ice where he “planted” the flag. Then the teams came out and skated around! John received some “knuckles” during this time. He stood in line with the referees on either side of him during the National Anthem and then skated off of the ice.

John loved his seats on the glass right next to the Blue Jacket’s penalty box! He took plenty of pictures of the player that landed in there. Afterwards John, Jeffrey and Jon got a tour of the Wild Locker room from Torrey Mitchell (Thanks to his sweet wife!) and they were all pretty excited about that!

Rachel then walked with us to our parking ramp. We have met her before when our family was invited to go to a game last year and sit in a suite and at the Wild About Children’s Event. I told her we’ve done it all….games, suites, riding the zamboni, flag bearer…all that’s left now is playing in a game!

Every time we have had the privilege of doing something special because of the Minnesota Wild, we have felt like VIPs from start to finish.

Thank you Minnesota WIld! Thank you Hope Kids for thinking of John for this fantastic opportunity!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


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