Happy Birthday John Joseph!

7 years old today! Birthdays are a HUGE deal around our home. Each and every day is a gift and a blessing..always have been, but cancer made us realize it so much more. Our youngest is 7! Our youngest is healthy! Our youngest is fully of trouble and we are so thankful for it every single day!

I love being across the hall from John every day at school. What a treat to see him proudly walking the halls in his birthday hat! I also was able to sneak across the hall and take a picture of him working in his classroom on his birthday! 🙂 I didn’t ask him, but at lunch instead of saying hi and going into the staff lounge, I sat down and ate with my birthday boy and that was ok with him (Once he got over my class waving over to us.)!

This evening it was a family gathering with Dominos Pizza and a DQ Oreo Blizzard ice cream cake decorated by Vicki Jelly (Thanks!). Grandpa and Grandma Prinsen weren’t here because Grandpa is dealing with a nasty cold, but Grandma Judy, Grandpa Bill, Uncle Tim and Jill were here.

John loved all his gifts, but right in the middle of opening them we received a call to top all the gifts! John was invited by Hope Kids to skate the Wild flag in tomorrow night at the preseason game of the Wild against the Blue Jackets!!!! Holy Cow! We are so excited and grateful for this wonderful, memory making opportunity! He will need to show up early to practice what he is supposed to do. Huge worries from John about falling..we’ve been busy reassuring him that would be ok..just pick yourself up and keep on skating.

When I look back and John’s birthday picture from last year…it seems like forever ago and just like yesterday. He has been through so much, fought so hard…my feisty, feisty little boy. You have shown all of us what true courage looks like and I am so proud to be your mom. You have taught me to live each day to the fullest, love with all my heart, and you have shown me just how strong I can be. I too have a “fight” in me I didn’t know was there. It is your birthday my darling little boy, but you see…you are the gift. The most precious gift to your dad, your brothers (I need to remind them of this at times. :)) , your grandparents, your uncles and aunts….a gift to everyone that loves you. You have taught us all more than you could ever imagine.  From one of our favorite books that you and I mishmash the words to all the time…. I love you as deep as the deepest ocean, as tall as the tallest mountain, to the moon and back a million gazillion times.

Happy Birthday John Joseph!

September 16, 2012

Happy BIrthday John Boy!

Happy BIrthday John Boy!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


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