Trick or Treat…..What a Treat!!

It is nearly impossible to not compare the events of this year to those of the same time last year. On a daily basis I am constantly reminded how blessed our family is to have this energetic, sometimes bossy…7 year old with us…happy and healthy.

This evening as I was taking John around our neighborhood trick or treating I couldn’t help but think back to last Halloween. We had only been home from the hospital for about 2 weeks on the Halloween of 2012. The harsh chemo of the stem cell transplant had wiped out whatever peach fuzz that was left on his head, his eyebrows, and those beautiful eyelashes. John’s skin was blotchy.. almost dirty looking, his body beaten and weak.The bottom of John’s feet were terribly tender from the skin falling off and the growth of new skin. He wanted to walk last year, but he wasn’t up to it. I pulled him to just a few houses in a wagon.

Now tonight…Wow!John was loving ever minute of running the neighborhood, on a mission to collect a boat load of treats. Mission accomplished! He was even confident enough to leave me standing on the sidewalk while he ventured to the door. Trick or Treat and Thank you’s all around!The smile never left his face. When we were heading back to our house he galloped the whole side yard of our lawn and around to the front door to ring the door once again to make Michael get up and answer it. đŸ™‚

It was a great night and it was another reminder of what a gift each day is.

Love, Hope & Blessings,

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat…..What a Treat!!

  1. As John was at my door trick-or-treating tonight, I, too, was thinking of last year and how he wasn’t up to walking around but wanted to go so much. I felt so grateful for you having a much more normal Halloween this year.

    Lovely pics of John and Syd.

  2. These holidays are seen so different through the eyes of our children!! You are all so very blessed to be where you are today and I know you are thankful everyday for it!! God Bless!! Sarah Sieh

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