Weekend Gone…Scan Week Full Speed Ahead!

Hanging out at the park

John and I spent Friday night and a good portion of Saturday home alone while Jon and the big guys headed out for a short overnight hunting trip. It was quiet at our house and it was wonderful to have that time alone. On Friday afternoon we were both so tired we snuggled and watched cartoons for quite a while. Then he decided he wanted to read like crazy to record books on his reading chart for school. 20 books later I finally got him to stop. We headed down to the basement to watch The Croods to end our evening. On Saturday we headed to the park where John practiced the monkey bars so he can successfully show Jeff, his physical therapist, on Wednesday (This was a PT goal!).

Jon, Michael and Jeffrey had a good time as well. Not a lot of birds were seen, but they managed to get one. I’m still not sure if it was Jon or Michael that “got” the bird. It appears everyone got along and memories were made with the fire alarm going off in the hotel and Michael’s panic about it in the early morning hours and somehow the dog ended up in the breakfast area. Yes… the place where people eat their free breakfast.

Hockey started up this weekend for Jeffrey and John. Jeffrey’s team did well in their scrimmages and John enjoyed his first day. We are back into the swing of at least one kid having something going on every day of the week. I am thankful Michael can drive himself these days!

And….Yes, it is scan week. 3 months scans are this Wednesday. Jon will take John to get his IV injection for Wednesday’s scans on Tuesday afternoon. We both will take John on Wednesday. He will have a CT scan of his abdomen and a MIBG scan of his entire body, physical therapy, and then in the afternoon we will meet with Dr. Chu. We are a little bummed that Dr. Rawwas is out on that day, but Dr. Chu has a special place in my heart as well. It was Dr. Chu, on the day after we received the horrifying diagnosis of Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma, rolled her stool over to where I was sitting on the couch in John’s hospital room. She rolled right up to me. We were knee to knee and she put her hands on my knees, looked me in my eyes and said, “We can do this. You can do this. It can be curable.”. There were other words said,but I can’t tell you how many times Jon would repeat those words to me when I needed them most…”Remember what Dr. Chu said…” Her words carried us through.

I am excited for Dr. Chu to see John. She hasn’t seen him since before the end of his treatment last spring. I pray, pray, pray she brings us awesome news on Wednesday!

We keep on keeping on!

Love, Hope & Blessings,

Oh…and in other news Michael has been talking about growing his hair out to donate to Locks of Love. I’m not completely positive he’s throwing this idea around out of the kindness of his heart or to just torment his mother. He was looking up on the internet tonight how long it had to be! His hair is currently already a disaster!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Gone…Scan Week Full Speed Ahead!

  1. We are standing with you in praying for very favorable report for John.
    May God give you peace in the midst of a fearful time.
    Our love to you all! Kathy

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