Hockey, Water slides, and Dapper Dan (Michael)

Last weekend Jon, Jeffrey, John and I headed to Owatonna for Jeffrey’s hockey tournament. (Michael had a hockey game so he stayed back under the watchful eyes of Uncle Tim.) We had to leave immediately after school to get Jeffrey there in time for his first game. Both Jeffrey and John were gitty with excitement! Jeffrey….of course it was hockey, hockey, hockey! John….yes, hockey, but even more so…staying in a hotel….a hotel with a water park!

Jeffey’s team won their first game on Friday and afterwards we went back to the hotel to hit the water park. John was apprehensive at first, but once Jeffrey took him down the slides just once he was ready to go. I am so thankful to Mason, a super sweet 2nd grade brother of one of Jeffrey’s teammates, that took John under his wing. John had a great time with Mason. Later back in the hotel room John said, ” I made a new friend.” Such simple words that brought tears to my eyes. John has not had many chances outside of school to do such normal kid things with peers his age. Thanks Mason!

Saturday…game on…they lost at the very end. With that loss went the chance to play in the championship game. While we were out in the lobby waiting for Jeffrey after the game John was so ornery! Jon asked me why. Duh? The kid hates to lose! His spirits picked up as we went back to the hotel to rest between games and watch a few movies. Back for game 2 of the day. A win! Now Jeffrey’s team would play for 3rd place. Little guys spirits were great after the win. The team and families hit the Pizza Ranch and then the water park again. John had a lot of fun with Mason once again until his tummy started to bother him…we think from going down the slide backwards so many times.

On Sunday, the kids won the game and we hit the road for Hastings. Later that night we had some of Grandma Judy’s spaghetti and John finally gave the ok for Jeffrey to eat off of the “Celebrate” plate. His team’s third place finish was the ticket!

Monday and Tuesday we were home from school because of the cold weather. I wish I could say that I was super productive, but I was rather a slug bug. John and I stayed in our pajamas and watched movies late into the afternoon on Monday while Jeffrey was stuffed away in his room reading a book he’s had weeks to read.

On Tuesday afternoon Michael, John and I headed to do some shopping for “business attire” clothing for Michael’s Youth in Government thing this Thursday  – Sunday. Of course he had outgrown all the clothes from last year! It wasn’t ideal to take John (“This is sooo boring!” “I’m so hot.” “I’m starving.”), but we got through it with purchased clothes and no one physically hurt. That’s a success in my book. I think I may have said Jon was in charge of this shopping activity for now on.

Back to school for all of us today. Thank you to Judy for coming over and grabbing all those new clothes to take home and iron. Thank you, Thank you!! Church for Jeffrey tonight and then hockey practice. Michael had hockey practice, a team dinner, a haircut (Hallelujah!I owe that one to the YIG  – Youth in Government.), had to meet friends to do a group snack shopping trip, and then to Target for yet another tie.

Why am I up right now at 12:44? Yesterday I had asked Michael to bring up anything he wanted washed. Nothing… Tonight at 9 I asked him if he needed me to wash anything. No response.     11:00, “Mom I don’t have any white t-shirts.” It spiraled from a load of whites to a load of darks. So here I sit waiting to fold.

A flurry of activity these past few days, but just plain ordinary life. Are we blessed or what?!

I know how very blessed we are and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t remind myself of this. Our life could be so different, but for some reason here we are right now and I will take every moment of it. Cancer and cancer treatment isn’t dictating every aspect of our lives, it’s still a huge part and will be forever, but it’s not “choking” us anymore…maybe still “pinching” with worry. I am allowing myself to breathe a little easier, but I don’t want to let my guard down. Who am I kidding? I can’t let my guard down.

I am off to fold big kid’s clothes!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


I forgot to mention that Jon and John went to his doctor appointments last Thursday in Minneapolis. John tested out of Occupational therapy and all his blood counts came back in the normal range. We are waiting on the urine test results, but I’m confident those are great too. My only current concern, other than the constant big concern I always have, is John’s thinning, thinning hair. I just better be getting over that ASAP! Scans are the last week in January.

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