Cold Outside, Colds Inside and Ice on a Shoulder!


No news in good news…and it has been quite a while since I’ve posted an entry. Things are as normal as ever here at the Gegen house! Yeah!! We have continued to run like crazy to hockey practices and games, but what a great way to pass the winter!

Cold Outside: Seriously?! Tonight we received the call that school is cancelled  tomorrow due to the extreme cold and blowing snow. This is the 4th cancellation this winter and it’s only January! While the kids are always excited to hear of a Snow Day, I’m wondering when we will start to make days up.

Judy and Sam are heading out of this ice tundra on Tuesday for Arizona and my parents are hoping to leave soon too. They need to find a place to stay first!

Colds Inside: John finally got hit by the crud. Last week was the first time since his diagnosis in April 2012 that he has had a non-cancer, non-treatment illness! I can’t believe he made it that long! I wasn’t surprised because there has been so much illness at school. The week before John was sick I had 4 or more students out of my classroom each day. John woke up last Sunday with a fever, that turned into a runny nose, and that turned into a junky cough. It all hung on throughout the week and finally yesterday he turned the corner…thankfully as John will have scans this Thursday. His cough needs to be gone then so he can be still for the scans.

Michael with his sling on.

Michael with his sling on.

Ice on a Shoulder: Michael was checked at his hockey game on Thursday and was awkwardly sent into the boards right shoulder first. I missed when it had happened because Michael had just passed the puck and I was following the play, but I heard the collision. When I looked I saw the kids on the bench looking down in front of them, someone opened the door and I watched Michael crawl in. I knew this wasn’t a good sign because in the past I have watched Michael get checked and come up with a bloody nose, with a smile on his face. Just a few games back he had cut his chin on the dasher and there was that smile. So as I watched him rock back and forth in pain on the bench, I knew it wasn’t a smiling matter. He has a separated shoulder and will be out for a while, which makes him REALLY crabby. After all these years of contact sports for Michael and Jeffrey this is the first injury that has taken one of the Gegens out of the game for a while. I think that is a pretty good record.

With the cold weather this morning it would have been easy to stay and bed, but I told John that I was getting every kid up and out and to church this morning.( December’s hockey schedule made it difficult to get to church and we didn’t go last Sunday when John was sick.)  I was determined to start this week with every possible good vibe and faith filled advantage I could get. It’s scan week and we need all the blessings we can possible get a hold of! So off we went to church and then to Perkins for a family breakfast. We were home just a bit before it was time for John’s hockey game and I made both the big brothers go. Michael had just about enough of this family time for the day. He protested, but he went. He said to me, “What’s with all this family time today? Did you watch something on TLC or something?”. Obviously he hasn’t watched TLC because he would know there is no parenting advice there. I do like to watch “Say Yes to the Dress”, ” My 600lb Life” “The Little Couple”…nothing about torturing my kids with family time. 🙂 I told him that after the game we were going to go home and play a board game together if he didn’t knock it off.

No school tomorrow, who knows about Tuesday….Wednesday afternoon I will take John to get his injection for his MIBG scan and Thursday both Jon and I will take John for his CT, MIBG scan and to meet with Dr. Rawaas for results. That’s a day Jon and I have to do together because it’s too tough to do it alone….and it’s too tough to not be there. Praying my little buddy’s cough is gone by Thursday, MIBG is clear again and that the CT scan of his lungs is clear!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


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