Quick Update

Yep…it is John’s turn to be the goalie for his team this week. When he first learned this news he cried his big brown eyes out. He didn’t want to be goalie one bit, but everyone has to take their turn. He had from Sunday to Tuesday to get over it and come Tuesday he was ready and eager to go. He liked it! He told his dad that he wasn’t allowed over on the bench on Sunday during his game because at practice dad was yelling suggestions at him (“Come out and get him Johnny!) the entire time!

It was Crazy Hair Day at school today and John was so excited for it. Jon was in charge of getting him ready and he created a style that lasted all day. I love that we can share these days together…even if it is only going into his room for a moment to put him on the spot for a picture. 🙂

John’s January urine tests came back in the normal range…a relief as always. On Saturday morning I learned that when Dr. Rawaas was explaining to John what the consent form meant at his appointment last Thursday …he WAS listening. I had set his DFMO “vitamins” out for him to take and as he was taking them he said, ” I don’t know why someone would give this to their kid if they don’t even know if they work.”. Oh, boy! I attempted to explain and after about 2 words he was out of there!

Michael tells us that he is cleared from the athletic trainer to play in his game tomorrow. I think his season ends next week. Jeffrey’s home hockey tournament starts this weekend, John is looking forward to the start of the olympics, he has a game on Sunday and afterwards we are going to try to get to the Hematology/Oncology’s Winter Fun Fest at Nickelodian Universe. It looks like we will have a fun and busy weekend.

Judy and Sam made it safely to their destination in Arizona and Mom and dad did as well to Lake Havasu. What a perfect time to get out of this terrible cold!

Love, Hope and Blessings,

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