Ice Fun, Snow Fun, Olympic Fun!

The Gegens continue to keep busy this snowy winter with hockey. Last weekend Mikko was the goalie for his team and he enjoyed it, but not enough to want to do it all the time. Jon and I are good with that!



Jeffrey’s team played in The River Rumble tournament here in Hastings and they ended up being the champions. The last 2 games were awesome!



Michael’s hockey season is over and captain’s practice for lacrosse has already started! Out of nowhere he has taken up snowboarding. I can’t keep up with the kid. Today he told me I really needed to learn how to chill. What’s he talking about?! I’m chill!

That Sunday was full of fun and excitement. After the 2 hockey games we rushed up to Nikelodeon Universe at MOA to participate in the Hematology/Oncology Winter Fun Fest. All five of us went and enjoyed the dinner catered by Crave and still had time for a few rides. Jon and Jeffrey aren’t much for rides but we got them on the Pepsi Crush roller coaster and the log water ride. We also hit a few other rides, but not the ones that Michael wanted to go on. The scarier the better for him.

When we were leaving I heard someone call our name. I turned around and it was the Wolcyn family. We had first met them back in April of 2012 when John was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and was newly admitted to the 7th floor of Children’s Hospital.The Wolcyn’s 10th month old daughter, Siena had just been diagnosed in March of 2012 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). I first met Siena’s dad Ben and big sister, Avery in the playroom. We had many stays at the hospital where we were at the same time. Running into the Wolcyn’s was the favorite part of that busy Sunday for me. To see Sienna…a person would never know how sick she had been. What a beautiful little girl. I loved her feisty spirit too. She was not about to share her ice cream cone with Avery! There is a new Wolcyn baby sister too! She looks just like her big sisters. Visiting with Becky and Ben…seeing how happy they are, how the girls are thriving…learning that Siena is so close to the end of her treatment…priceless! They are an amazing family filled with faith and hope.

This weekend Jeffrey and John went up to Lake of the Woods to go ice fishing. Michael was invited, but being out on the ice for 2 1/2 days in a little ice fishing house without internet, cell phone service, running water, a bucket for a toliet and no electricity….not his idea of fun. There weren’t a lot of fish, but they had a good time.

Michael,John and I were at home. Michael helped with shoveling, snowblowing and working a penalty box at a hockey game with me to get our volunteer points. He then took John home with him so I could work the next 3 games too. It was a long Sunday at the arena! John and I spent time outside playing on Saturday and Monday. On Sunday we went to the Lego movie and we both give it two thumbs up.




Of course we are enjoying watching the Olympics. John will watch whatever is on and I dare you to try and turn the channel. Today it was the women cross-country gun shooting competition and he said that was great! I think he particularly found pleasure in the one skier face planting at the finish line. Anyways….on Friday I remembered that while John was in the hospital in the summer of 2012, during the summer olympics, Jon and Jeffrey had made a silly video. Jeffrey was up at the hospital for a sleepover and the nurse rolled a chair in for him. When it was unfolded a comment was made that it looked like a bobsled. That’s all it took…I hope you enjoy the footage from 2012. John was recovering from major surgery and like usual…we were doing our best to keep his spirits, and ours, up.

Hugs for Aunt Kathie!

Love, Hope and Blessings,

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