Hawaii Here We Come!

20130724-001155.jpgWowza!  It has been a hectic, exciting time getting ready for John’s Make A Wish trip to Hawaii these past few days. The washing machine has been churning nonstop! I’m exhausted! Tomorrow morning at 9:00 we will be picked up by a limo and then we’re on our way. I can’t believe it and I am so ready for some family fun!! John took the last paper chain off of the Hawaii count down before going to bed tonight. Those two were W-I-L-D! Somehow they ended up in the same bed and are sleeping like little angels.

20130724-001751.jpgThey are out for the count! Not an eye blinked when I turned on the light to snap the photo!

Flying nerves are settling in a little for Jeffrey and John. Neither one has ever flown before. Jeffrey happened to walk through the living room today when the footage of the plane crashing because of the landing gear malfunction. Yep…unfortunate timing for him.

As I’ve been running around our home and out for errands these past two days, I’ve been fielding calls from Michigan, The University of Minnesota’s Journey Clinic, and Children’s. The date has been set for John to be in Michigan on August 12th! My first thought was, “Wow, that’s soon!” and my second thought was, “Yes! It doesn’t interfere with my workshop time for school.”

At times I feel like a terrible mother because when I hear appointments need to be scheduled my mind immediately jumps to school and how I’m going to do finagle the schedule so I don’t miss work of the least amount possible. I want to be there and I want John to be at school as well! My gal at Children’s know this about me and she is working on getting John in for his scheduled hearing and echo…all that stuff before my school year starts. The scheduler at the U doesn’t know this about me and she probably thought I was nuts when I kept asking, “In the window  these tests need to be done, when is the latest date?”. (I was trying to push it as late into September as possible.) John’s 1 year stem cell transplant anniversary is coming up in September and there are tests that need to be done. I can’t believe it has been almost a year already since that scary time! A new test for John, routine at this time post treatment, is a neuro-psych evaluation…again checking for late effects of the chemo treatment.

I don’t want to dwell on all of that too much right now, but those calls always are a reminder (like I need one) of what we are dealing with.  August looks to be busy…I think a psych eval on me would be much more entertaining for the doctors….but we will just keep on keeping on.

Back to Hawaii! I’m sure we’ve all over packed. I gave John a gallon sized ziplock bag and told him he could take as many of his wrestler guys that he could fit in it. Wow! He jammed a bunch in there!

Excited, Excited, Excited! We all are and so very grateful! I’m out numbered on this trip with those 4 guys and I’m going to do my best to take their excitement in stride and enjoy each and every minute of it. You know how excited, wild boy behavior can be…and their dad will more than likely be the ring leader!

I can’t wait to share pictures with you!

Aloha….Love, Hope & Blessings,


ps…Come hell or high water all 5 of us will be ready and waiting for our 9:00 limo. There’s no being tardy for the party!!

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