Hawaii!…. We Made It!







I’m sitting at the pool… Soaking up the sun. Jon and John are swimming, while Michael and Jeffrey are still sleeping. It is just past 8 in the morning.

We don’t have Internet in our room so I am on my phone poolside. 🙂 I will up date details later, but I wanted to share pictures sooner than later.

Flights were good… Our room is ocean front. We’ve already been spoiled perfectly rotten. Now if I could just quit getting teary eyed every time I think a out this awesome gift we’ve been given from Make A Wish,
I’d be in good shape.

I’m texting this entry and I’m a poor texter!

Aloha…along with love, hope & blessings,

d well

One thought on “Hawaii!…. We Made It!

  1. Aloha Cousin! (My favorite saying in Hawaii, and one that my 2 brothers and I STILL say to one another on a regular basis after our family trip there.) Enjoy the memories you are about to make!!!

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