Fun in the Sun!”

As I sit here out near the pool ( because I can get Internet service here) I am completely exhausted for the best reasons possible …sun and lots of family fun!  All of the boys are asleep and I’m heading that ways soon. I will add details later, but I wanted to share more photos of our days so far.

You can tell from the photos we are loving our pool time. I can’t tell how many hours John has already spent in the pool!

On Thursday we had the day to play and we ventured into Kona for lunch and a little shopping.

Today, , Friday, was the volcano tour day. We all had a fabulous time. I was worried how John was going to handle it because it was going to be almost a 12 hour day, but he was awesome! He decided to take photos on his Ipod and he took this very seriously. He ended up taking 98 pictures. To say he was into it using a huge understatement. I want to share so much more, but it will have to wait because I’m going to bed. The wind has picked up and I may just blow away.

Tomorrow evening we are going to the luau here at the hotel and we are all looking forward to that cultural experience.

We are having a BLAST!

Love, Hope, & Blessings,


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