RV Day 1




Yesterday was one hectic run here, run there day! I got up and went to work for our half day of workshop, ran home at noon, grabbed Mikko and we headed up to Minneapolis for his blood count check for da 15 of being on the DFMO. Each cycle of DFMO is for 28 days for the next 2 years. Starting at the next day 1 he only has to go in for count checks once a month.

When we got to clinic we were sent down stairs to lab for his blood draw. This was new to us because Mikko has always had this done in the oncology clinic, but now since he doesn’t have his hickman…downstairs we went. He was a champ! The poke wasn’t a big deal at all. I think it helped that the guy drawing the blood looked like Uncle Tim. We then headed back upstairs. It was fun to see people we haven’t seen in a while. There were lots of compliments on how good Mikko looked and how tall he’s getting. (75% height   45% weight). Dr. McCalister and Cindy spent a lot of time talking to us. They were interested in hearing about our trip to Michigan. Dr. Rawaas had just presented on Wednesday about the DFMO study. It was a good visit and then it was time to race home to pack the RV.

When Mikko saw the RV in the driveway he was very excited. When I saw it I was immediately concerned with how small it was. I thought it was going to be bigger. Maybe  I had in mind the huge one Mikko had wanted in the first place. It was hot and humid. Very hot and humid! Michael’s level of distress over the trip was hitting a new time high, Mikko was hanging out in the RV with Jeffrey, while Jon and I were doing all the work…or so it seemed. Somehow in the business of packing a brawl broke out with the three boys. We were not off to a good start. Michael finally got in the camper and said, ” I’m not sleeping in here. I’m staying in Sam’s house.” Jon and I didn’t argue. That is probably a good plan.

Did I mention the dog came along? I don’t know why I didn’t protest this a little more before we left, but you take your dog camping right? She would have fun swimming and running….   Syd, our black lab, was a complete nut case the entire ride! Tongue hanging out, hot breathing, pacing back and forth. Oh…and before we left she jumped up into the driver’s seat and made the horn honk. Saliva on my legs, my arms, the floor the table… Yes, the table. She kept hopping up and sitting on the bench of the table (This about did Michael in as he was trying to eat a sandwich at the table.). Then for some added excitement she would jump back and forth over the table from one bench to the other. All of this for over 4 ours. My teeth and jaw are sore today. I think I was clenching them the entire time!

When I was “talking” to Jon about our riding conditions (kids fighting, dog slobbering, RV rattling). His response was, “Did you think it was going to be any other way?! I knew it was going to be hell. That’s how it is. We are doing this for Mikko”. So I quit my “talking”, ignored the spilled pop down my shirt, with minimal grumbling… picked up the chocolate shake mess that had rolled and spilled all over (I was told this was my fault because I never told them that they should hold on to their beverages in a moving vehicle.)and prayed for patience.

We made it! We arrived in Walker around 10:30 and when Sam suggested we all stay in the house that night and set up “camp” tomorrow not a single one of us argued. Mikko was thrilled because Sam’s home is his all time favorite. (I tried to upload pictures of Sam’s house with little luck. Poor cell phone service. Some pictures may need to wait until we get home. Some uploaded …others didn’t. The picture of Mikko is in front of Sam’s house.) A shower and to bed.  Syd was in the RV and she had finally calmed down or exhaustion got the best of her. That’s a pretty fancy dog house she is hanging out in.

Tonight it is back to the rv for sleeping. More house guests are arriving this evening and they have dibs on the bedrooms. Maybe I can talk them into the RV.

For Mikko….We are all going to do our best to not grumble anymore. We want to make this a fun trip for him and us!

Love, Hope and Blessings,


One thought on “RV Day 1

  1. I was really hoping to have seen the RV and cheered you off. Syd’s tongue looks as big as her head. You’ll all have fun, though.

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