Labor Day Fun




We have been having a very nice time here in Walker at Sam’s place. On Friday we headed down to the private beach for this neighborhood. What a beautiful day! The weather was perfect for playing on the beach, building sand castles, swimming and floating on the water. Of course there were the typical fires I needed to put out. Someone was throwing sand, someone was kicking sand, someone was holding someone else under the water for too long. Michael even decided it would be fun to run his mother down and tackle her in about a foot of water. Tackle! Jeffrey commented on how he couldn’t believe how hard I fell. Later in the afternoon Sam took the boys out knee boarding and I was left on the beach all by myself. Bliss! Not another person was on the beach. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. Michael and Jeffrey had a fun time out on the water. Jeffrey and I decided to stay on the beach when everyone headed back up the road to Sam’s. We floated on our rafts and just hung out. We don’t get enough opportunities like that…to just be together. It just may have been my favorite part of my day.

Uncle Tim, Jill and Jill’s parents Roger and Sandy came up on Friday evening to add to the fun. That night, and all the rest of the nights, Michael slept in Sam’s house while the rest of us Gegens headed to the RV. It is just fine to sleep in there. Sydney is loving the RV. After she has went swimming and has ran around the yard she gets “kenneled” in there.:)

On Saturday the men all went golfing and once again we hit the beach. Jill, Sandy, Jeffrey, Jon and I spent the afternoon down there. Another beautiful day. Michael didn’t join us and I’m pretty sure he should feel rested up with all the sleep he’s getting in. He did finish the book he needed to read this summer for English, so that’s a good thing.

Last night all 11 of us headed down to the Legion for dinner. After dinner there was karaoke. Much to the dismay of Michael and Jeffrey, Jon and I decided we should sing a few songs. The kids hung in there pretty well. When a little concern was voiced I gave them both a, “Who cares? Nobody knows us here!”. Roger sang a few songs as well and for the record….he’s the only one that should have been singing. Roger has a very nice voice. The little DJ guy wasn’t any too friendly…but I don’t think he was expecting such a rowdy group so early in the evening. Something all of us will always remember and Tim won’t let us forget is the gal in the cowboy hat. Jon was singing Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues (I’m laughing as I type that!), Uncle Tim was dancing on the dance floor (the only person) and out of nowhere comes this cute cowboy hat wearing gal and she started dancing with Tim. Pretty exciting stuff! Lots of laughs, a little dancing and we were home by 10:30 and Michael and Jeffrey survived the night. Mikko thought it was great.

Today is a cooler, cloudy day. Jill and I went shopping in Walker for a while, Jon has the boys fishing on the dock, Michael may still be sleeping…

Today is September 1st and September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Only 6 more days to the CureSearch walk. Please consider making a donation.

Love, Hope and Blessings,

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